What Makes Us Different?

Fresh Homemade Gourmet Sandwich Meals, Soups, Salads & Baked Goods…Fast Free Delivery in the Grand Rapids Area! Order www.take5catering.net

If you are looking to impress your family, your co-workers or entertain your customers during a sales meeting.

Take 5 Catering has the simple solution!

Take 5 Catering allows you to be a guest at your own event while we prepare fresh homemade food.

Wholesome, healthy, and delicious!

Great for Homes, Offices, Special Events, Business Meetings, Birthdays, Anniversarys, Retirement Parties & Holidays!


4 Responses to What Makes Us Different?

  1. “We just wanted to send you a thank you and feedback that we thoroughly enjoyed your food, and especially being delivered on time.”

  2. “The meat loaf sandwich was a hit! It smelled SO good, and the aroma went around the whole
    office. People were saying, “Gee, we usually get pizza or burgers, the meat loaf sandwich is so delicious!” John

  3. Amanda says:

    I would like to purchase a few coupons from living social but need questions answered. Only 13 hours left and you are closed. Help! Thank you, Amanda

    • It was nice talking with you. Its a special time for you and we look forward making your shower a special one with fresh gourmet sandwich meals, soups, salads & baked goods. Call us in advance to plan the menu.

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